The Hungarian Country Management Partner

CTI Education Kft., the exclusive Country Management Partner of DynEd Europe B.V. for Hungary, was founded in Budapest in 2014.

Our mission is to offer top and effective solutions to respond to the fast-growing need for English language acquisition with emphasis on communicative skills.

We are serving all types of schools, companies, and individuals throughout Hungary, i.e. all those who realize that excellent communication in English is becoming an essential prerequisite for success in the job market.

We provide our services and end user support through a carefully built network of authorized Training and Academic Partners.

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CTI Education Kft.
H-1028 Budapest
Kökény utca 10.,

Tel: +36 30 2000 296
[email protected]

The World’s Biggest Language Learning Project

The Turkish Ministry of Education

8 Million Students in Grades 4-8 were Licensed by DynEd from 2007 to 2012

The Turkish Ministry of National Education signed an agreement to provide DynEd courseware for students in grades 4 to 8 nationwide. English has been identified as a national priority in Turkey, and DynEd’s blended approach was viewed as the best way to scale up to meet this critical need. DynEd reached approximately 8.0 million students in these five grades in 34,500 schools around the country. Home study for additional practice was also available as an option. The agreement included DynEd’s courses for this age group, First English and English for Success. The project continued to expand over the next six years toward its goal of reaching as many of the students in these five grades as have access to computers.

13 Million Students in Grades 4-12 were Licensed by DynEd from 2013 to Present

The Turkish Ministry of National Education decided to expand the DynEd project and signed a second agreement to provide DynEd courseware for students in grades 4 to 12 nationwide. The licenses covered approximately 13 million students in these 9 grades in 47,000 schools. The agreement included DynEd’s First English and English for Success courses, the Placement Test, and the Teacher Training Course.

French Ministry of Education

Seal of Approval – “Reconnu d’Intérêt Pédagogique”

Confers recommendation to French educators for Let’s Go, English For Success, New Dynamic English, The Lost Secret, English by the Numbers, Dynamic Business English, Advanced Listening, Hospitality English, and Teacher Training Course.

Vietnamese Ministry of Education

Statement on August 4th, 2016

“After two years of holding DynEd under the microscope, there is now no question of whether or not to use DynEd. We urge every school to implement DynEd as soon as possible.”